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Our Wine Selection

The Best of Cold-Climate Wines


Brianna - Dry Grape Wine


All the full grape flavor as our sweeter Brianna, but in a dry style. Try it with your favorite cheese.

Brianna - Medium Sweet Grape Wine


Medium sweet with full grape flavor, our Brianna white wine is sure to please.

Prairie Breeze - Medium Sweet Grape Wine


A mix of Prairie Star, Frontenac Gris and La Crescent grapes, our prairie breeze presents the best of a  blend of cold climate whites.


La Crescent - Medium Sweet Grape Wine


A fragrant and floral wine with hints of apricot and pear.

Frontenac Gris - Sweet Grape Wine


A sweet white wine full of tropical flavors.

Prairie Rose - Medium Sweet Grape Wine


Prairie Rosé is a blend of our favorite white grapes and just a touch of red. Served chilled, this sweet and fruity wine will please your palate all year 'round.


Marquette - Dry Grape Wine


Our Marquette represents a unique taste of the prairie with a bold fruity expression of flavor. This wine was aged with both American and French oak to provide a well rounded structure.

Rail Line Red - Not So Dry Grape Wine


Light and fruity red wine made from Frontenac grapes grown in northwestern Minnesota. This wine is full of tangy cherry and spice and is certain to be a favorite.

Dry Rhubarb


A crisp and refreshing food-friendly white wine akin to a sauvignon blanc. Serve this wine to your guests and they will never believe it’s rhubarb.


Wild Plum


Smooth as silk. The balanced sweetness brings out the flavor of the prairie in our ND wild plum wine.

Sweet Rhubarb


Bursting with rhubarb flavor for the sweet wine lover.

Aronia Berry


Naturally high in antioxidants and tannins. We recommend one a day - a glass or a bottle. Your choice.

4e Wine can be purchased at our tasting room, at select local retailers, or order online for local pickup or shipped to your door in most states of the US.

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