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2022 Harvest and Crush - Part 2

Most of the grapes from Mollie's Vineyard in Erskine, Minnesota have been harvested, delivered, and crushed. Grapes from this vineyard have been featured in 4e Wine every year since we opened in 2015, and we are grateful for the partnership and friendship we have formed with Pat Paquin and his family.

Crushing 4000 pounds of King of the North grapes.

King of the North Grapes being crushed and destemmed, on their way to becoming our popular Bison Tale wine.


With the help of some great volunteers, we made short work of harvesting over 1000 pounds of Frontenac grapes in our vineyard on Saturday, September 24th. These grapes will become our 2022 vintage of Estate Frontenac, which will be released sometime in 2023 or 2024.

We had lots of great help with our harvest.

Work will continue behind the scenes for the next month as we ferment, press, and refine the next vintages of 4e Wine.


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